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Vivo V30e: Featuring Tempting Features and Premium Design

By Maria Browder ● July 6, 2024 ● 5 minutes, 29 seconds
Smartphones vivo v30e specifications featuring tempting features and premium design
Vivo V30e

The Vivo V30e arrives as the most affordable series in this year’s V Series lineup. Despite this,Vivo has embedded various attractive features that are their hallmark,such as the All-New Aura Portrait for creating better portrait photos. Let’s delve deeper into the features,design,and performance of the Vivo V30e that make it an enticing choice in its class.

Vivo V30e:Captivating Premium Design

The Vivo V30e boasts a captivating design from the first glance. Its unique and distinctive design immediately grabs attention. The rear body of the Vivo V30e showcases two different finishes,creating an elegant and modern impression.

The variant we hold is brown. Its color leans towards purple,with a matte finish on the left side that dominates more,and a glossy finish on the right side with a lesser composition.

Among the many Android smartphones in its price range,the Vivo V30e exudes a premium feel that its competitors lack. Its rear camera module features an elegant design referred to as the ‘Time Messenger’,reminiscent of luxury watches.

In terms of dimensions,the Vivo V30e has a slim body with a thickness of just 7.75mm. This thin profile is achieved thanks to the use of a 3D Curved display with curved edges on the left and right sides. When held,this smartphone feels slim and comfortable to operate with one hand.

At the bottom of the phone,you’ll find a USB-C port along with speaker holes,a microphone,and a SIM tray that can hold two nano-SIM cards or 1 nano-SIM plus one microSD card. On the right side,there are the power button and volume controls.

Additionally,Vivo mentions that the V30e features Touch Body Armor for durability,and a Water Wet Display that allows the screen to function properly when used with wet hands. It also has an IP64 rating for dust and splash resistance.

Only a microphone hole is present at the top. Yes,there’s no second speaker grill,meaning this smartphone isn’t stereo. For its sales package,Vivo includes a USB-C cable,a 44W charger,a clear soft case,and of course,a SIM tray ejector.

Smartphones vivo v30e specifications featuring tempting features and premium design
Premium Design

Stunning Curved 120Hz Display

The Vivo V30e features a 3D Curved display that pleases the eyes. It uses a 6.78-inch AMOLED panel with FHD+ resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate for smoother and more responsive scrolling.

Its brightness level is quite good,especially under bright sunlight. Content displayed on it is clear and visible without significant issues. Vivo claims that this screen also supports 100% DCI-P3 color gamut,which is adequate for users requiring high color accuracy.

For refresh rate settings,the Vivo V30e offers Smart Switch options that automatically adjust based on the displayed content,Standard to lock at 60Hz,and High to lock at 120Hz.

Camera with All-New Aura Portrait

The Vivo V30e relies on a main camera with a 50 MP Sony IMX882 sensor. According to Vivo,this camera can deliver better color and detail in photos. Additionally,there’s a 2x Professional Portrait Mode feature and support for an 8 MP Super Wide-Angle Camera.

Vivo hasn’t forgotten to include the All-New Aura Light Portrait feature,which adjusts image brightness based on the distance of the subject,with light distribution claimed to be 30% more even.

Interestingly,the Aura Light Portrait on the Vivo V30e allows you to adjust its color temperature as needed. You’re also given the option to activate Auto settings if you prefer not to bother with adjustments.

In ideal lighting conditions,the Vivo V30e’s main camera captures details well and presents pleasing colors. Its dynamic range is also quite good. Even in challenging lighting conditions,it manages to produce photos with good color composition.

In low-light conditions,the Aura Light proves to be very helpful in producing brighter photos of subjects without disturbing the natural ambiance of the surrounding environment. One small note is that sometimes the image processing can take a bit longer,so make sure you’re not in a hurry to capture the moment.

For video recording,the Vivo V30e’s main camera can shoot up to 4K at 30fps. There’s an ultra-stable mode,but it locks recording to 1080p at 30fps when activated.

Smartphones vivo v30e specifications featuring tempting features and premium design
Snapdragon 6 Gen 1

Performance Powered by Snapdragon 6 Gen 1

The Vivo V30e is equipped with the Snapdragon 6 Gen 1 chipset,built on a 4nm fabrication process. This means it offers good performance and efficiency. It’s worth noting that the Snapdragon 6 Gen 1 isn’t a new chipset,but it still provides adequate performance for 2024 and beyond.

This chipset is paired with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage. For those who multitask frequently or need more RAM capacity,you can virtualize up to 16 GB through the Extended RAM feature.

So,how does it perform? The hardware combination above delivers swift performance for various needs. Gaming runs smoothly,with titles like Mobile Legends and PUBG Mobile handled well.

Impressive Battery Life

In terms of battery life,Vivo relies on a 5,500 mAh battery that proves very durable throughout our daily activities. It supports 44W fast charging,taking around 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach full charge. It’s not the fastest,but certainly not slow either.


The Vivo V30e is a smartphone with a great design and capable camera. It’s suitable for those looking for a device that blends style with reliability for social media activities like photography and video. Another plus point is its long-lasting battery and swift performance.

Advantages of Vivo V30e

  • One of the best-designed smartphones in its price range
  • Slim and comfortable to hold
  • 3D Curved AMOLED 120Hz display
  • Main camera capable of capturing great photos
  • All-New Aura Portrait Light is helpful for low-light photography
  • Swift performance
  • Long-lasting battery
  • IP64 rating
  • Comprehensive sales package

Disadvantages of Vivo V30e

  • Non-stereo speakers
  • Selfie camera only records up to 1080p at 30fps

With all its pros and cons,the Vivo V30e remains a compelling choice for those seeking a stylish smartphone with dependable performance. The Vivo V30e offers a combination of premium design,quality display,and standout camera features that make it one of the best in its class.

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