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Ulanzi 27mm F/2.8: Lens for Sony Mirrorless Cameras

By Maria Browder ● June 17, 2024 ● 2 minutes, 51 seconds
Camera ulanzi 27mm f2 8 sony mirrorless cameras f/2.8 lens for
Ulanzi Lens

Ulanzi,a manufacturer known for its photography accessories,has expanded its product range by introducing its first camera lens,the Ulanzi 27mm F/2.8. This lens is specifically designed for Sony mirrorless cameras with APS-C sensors,offering a blend of portability and exceptional optical quality.

Specifications of Ulanzi 27mm F/2.8

Weighing in at just around 182 grams,the Ulanzi 27mm F/2.8 is an incredibly compact and portable lens. It is designed to be the perfect companion for Sony mirrorless cameras with compact bodies. Its minimalist size makes it easy to carry anywhere,ideal for photographers who frequently travel or need lightweight gear.

Versatile 27mm Focal Length

The lens features a 27mm focal length,equivalent to a 40mm lens on a full-frame camera. This focal length makes it versatile for various photography genres,including portrait,landscape,and street photography. Its versatility extends to vlog content creation,allowing content creators to capture images with a wide yet natural perspective. The ability to shoot from a minimum focus distance of 0.3 meters,or about 30 cm,enables users to produce stunning close-up photos,capturing subjects up close with sharp details.

Advanced Optical Design

Behind its compact body,the Ulanzi 27mm F/2.8 features an optical design with 6 elements in 5 groups. This optical structure is designed to deliver clear and sharp image quality with minimal distortion and aberration. To maintain its compact dimensions,the lens is equipped with a fast and responsive internal autofocus system.

Advanced Autofocus System

The autofocus system in this lens is claimed to be compatible with Sony’s advanced autofocus technology,including eye autofocus detection. This means the lens can track subjects with high accuracy,making it ideal for portrait photography where sharpness on the subject’s eyes is crucial. Additionally,the aperture setting can be electronically controlled,providing users with full control in various lighting conditions.

Camera ulanzi 27mm f2 8 sony mirrorless cameras f/2.8 lens for
Lens for Sony Mirrorless Cameras

Useful Additional Features

To support the needs of modern photographers,the Ulanzi 27mm F/2.8 is equipped with a Type-C port,facilitating firmware updates. This ensures your lens always receives the latest enhancements and adjustments from the manufacturer. Furthermore,the lens supports the use of 52mm lens filters,providing additional flexibility for photographers who enjoy experimenting with different filter effects. The lens also supports lens correction features found in Sony mirrorless cameras,helping to automatically correct distortion and aberration for optimal image results.

Price and Availability

The Ulanzi 27mm F/2.8 is currently available on the market and retails for $139.95. With its competitive price,this lens offers tremendous value for photographers seeking a high-quality lens with versatile capabilities.

The Ulanzi 27mm F/2.8 is an impressive lens from a manufacturer previously known for photography accessories. With its compact and portable design,along with superb optical quality,this lens is set to become a top choice for Sony APS-C mirrorless camera users. Advanced features such as the internal autofocus system,compatibility with Sony’s autofocus technology,and firmware update capability make this lens very appealing. Whether for portrait,landscape,street photography,or vlog content creation,the Ulanzi 27mm F/2.8 is a worthwhile investment for any photographer.

With its affordable price and impressive specifications,the Ulanzi 27mm F/2.8 shows that Ulanzi is serious about expanding into the camera lens market,offering practical and high-quality solutions for the photography community.

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