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Pentax WG-8 and WG-1000: Robust Pocket Cameras for Adventurers

By Maria Browder ● June 13, 2024 ● 2 minutes, 45 seconds
Camera pentax wg 1000 specifications wg-8 and wg-1000 robust pocket cameras for adventurers
Pentax WG-8

Ricoh has just announced its latest pocket cameras under the Pentax brand,namely the Pentax WG-8 and WG-1000. These cameras are specifically designed for adventurers and will compete fiercely with the increasingly popular action cameras in the market.

Pentax WG-8 Specifications

Targeting different user segments,the Pentax WG-8 succeeds the 2019 WG-6 as a premium option.

The WG-8 retains a design similar to its predecessor but offers significant improvements. It features a waterproof body capable of diving up to 20 meters deep. Additionally,it is exceptionally tough,able to withstand drops from heights of 2.1 meters,endure pressures up to approximately 100 kg,and operate in extreme temperatures down to -10 degrees Celsius. These features make the WG-8 an ideal choice for capturing images in extreme conditions.

The Pentax WG-8 utilizes a 1/2.3-inch BSI-CMOS sensor with a 20-megapixel resolution. This sensor is paired with a 28-140 mm F3.5-5.5 lens,complete with six LED macro lights to aid in close-up photography. The WG-8 also supports video recording up to 4K/30p,providing sharp and detailed video capabilities.

One standout feature of the WG-8 compared to the WG-6 is its webcam functionality. This feature allows users to use the WG-8 as a video conferencing device,enhancing its versatility in the era of remote work and virtual meetings.

Camera pentax wg 1000 specifications wg-8 and wg-1000 robust pocket cameras for adventurers

Pentax WG-1000 Specifications

On the other hand,the Pentax WG-1000 targets the entry-level segment with a more affordable price point. It features a 16-megapixel sensor and a 27-108 mm lens with an aperture range of F3.0-6.6. This pocket camera supports video recording up to Full HD 1080/30p,sufficient for everyday video recording needs.

The durability of the WG-1000 differs slightly from the WG-8. It can dive up to 15 meters deep and withstand drops from heights of 2 meters. However,it lacks features such as GPS and a compass found in the WG-8,making it simpler and more focused on basic user needs.

Key Features and Innovations

Both cameras offer features that make them attractive choices for adventurers. The WG-8,with its waterproof,shockproof,and extreme temperature-resistant capabilities,is well-suited for extreme outdoor activities such as diving,mountaineering,or expeditions in cold weather. The ability to record 4K video and webcam functionality adds extra value for users seeking flexibility in their devices.

The WG-1000,while simpler,still offers sufficient durability for outdoor activities. Its 16-megapixel sensor and Full HD video recording capabilities meet the needs of daily photography and videography. Its more affordable price also makes it an appealing choice for beginners or those with budget constraints.

Price and Availability

The Pentax WG-8 and WG-1000 will be available from July 2024. The WG-8 is priced at $399.95,while the WG-1000 is priced at $229.95. With this price range,users can choose according to their needs and budget,whether they desire premium features or not.

The introduction of these cameras reaffirms Ricoh’s commitment to providing tough and reliable pocket cameras for adventurers. With features tailored for extreme conditions,both cameras are poised to capture precious moments in various situations. The Pentax WG-8 offers premium features and versatility,while the WG-1000 provides a more affordable alternative without sacrificing durability and quality. Thus,both beginners and professionals can find a camera that suits their needs.

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