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Acer Aspire C24 and C27: Revolutionizing All-In-One PCs with the Latest Intel Processors

By Maria Browder ● June 19, 2024 ● 3 minutes, 22 seconds
Computer acer aspire c24 c27 specifications and revolutionizing all-in-one pcs with the latest intel processors
Acer Aspire

Acer has just announced its latest All-In-One (AIO) PCs from the Aspire series,namely the Acer Aspire C24 and C27. Both models come with different screen options but share the adoption of Intel’s latest processors,offering a more advanced and efficient computing experience.

Comprehensive Specifications of Acer Aspire C24 and C27

The Acer C24-195ES and C27-195ES are two AIO devices equipped with processors up to Intel® Core™ Ultra 7 155U. These processors feature Intel AI Boost technology and integrated Intel graphics,delivering outstanding performance for various computing tasks.

Both models are supported by dual-channel RAM up to 32 GB DDR5 and internal storage that can reach up to 2 TB M2 PCIe SSD. With this configuration,users can experience high speed and responsiveness,suitable for heavy multitasking and large data storage needs.

Productivity features in both models are enhanced with the presence of Copilot,leveraging AI capabilities from the processor. Additionally,there’s Intel Unison software,enabling seamless integration across multiple devices and operating systems,offering a more centralized computing experience on a single screen.

Impressive Visual and Audio Quality

Acer Aspire C24 and C27 come with a 1440p QHD 5 MP Webcam featuring a privacy shutter. This camera is supported by Windows Studio effects and Acer PurifiedVoice™ with AI noise reduction technology,ensuring clear and uninterrupted video call quality.

For connectivity,both models support Wi-Fi 7,providing ultra-fast and stable internet connections. Additionally,there’s Bluetooth LE audio,allowing users to enjoy better sound quality through wireless devices.

Elegant and Ergonomic Screen Design

Acer Aspire C24 offers a choice of a 23.8-inch screen,while the Aspire C27 comes with a 27-inch display. Both models use IPS panels that deliver sharp visuals and accurate colors. With thin bezels,these screens offer a screen-to-body ratio of up to 95.7%,providing a wider and more immersive viewing experience.

The screens on both models can be tilted (from -5 to 25°) and swiveled (up to 30° left/right),offering flexibility and comfort in various usage positions. This makes the devices ideal for a variety of purposes,whether for work or entertainment.

Comprehensive Accessories and Connectivity

The sales package for Acer Aspire C24 and C27 includes the sleek Acer Elite 19 wireless keyboard and mouse set. These accessories are designed to complement your workspace aesthetics while providing everyday usability and comfort.

Both models are also equipped with multiple ports for device connectivity and fast data transfer,including 4 USB Type-A ports,a Type-C port,and HDMI. With these connectivity options,users can easily connect various external devices such as printers,external hard drives,and more.

Computer acer aspire c24 c27 specifications and revolutionizing all-in-one pcs with the latest intel processors
Ergonomic Screen Design

Why Choose Acer Aspire C24 and Aspire C27?

Acer Aspire C24 and C27 are designed to meet the needs of users looking for versatile high-performance computing devices. With the latest Intel processors,ample RAM,and fast SSD storage,both models can effortlessly handle various computing tasks.

The embedded AI capabilities in the processors also provide added value,enabling advanced productivity features like Copilot and Intel Unison. Moreover,the visual and audio quality offered makes these devices ideal for both professional and entertainment purposes.

Comprehensive connectivity and ergonomic screen design ensure that users can work and enjoy content more comfortably. Additionally,the elegant wireless keyboard and mouse set make these devices even more appealing to own.


Acer C24-195ES and C27-195ES are the right choices for those seeking All-In-One PCs with high performance and elegant design. With powerful specifications and advanced features,both models are ready to meet your computing needs. Although pricing and availability have not been announced yet,these devices are eagerly anticipated.

For those interested in Acer’s latest technology,stay tuned for more information on Acer Aspire C24 and C27. Both models are expected to be available soon,offering an enhanced computing experience.

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